How To

If you have bought our wafer paper toppers please click here for a full guide on how to use

For info on icing toppers please see below

Icing toppers bought from couldn’t be easier to use. They are pre-cut for your convenience, and can be used on practically any cake topping, so all you have to do is peel them off the sheet carefully, and place onto your pre-baked (or bought!) cakes. Below you will find detailed information, tips, and an instructional video to help you every step of the way.

Note: please ensure your toppers are stored in a cool, dry place away from sunlight before you attempt to use

Step one

Bake your cakes or cupcakes and allow to cool to room temperature.

Tip: If you need any recipes or inspiration, please check out our recipes section – or just cheat and buy them!

Step two

Finish your cakes/cupcakes as desired and either leave plain or top with buttercream, icing, marzipan, frosting, chocolate etc. Cakeshop icing toppers will work on most surfaces. If your topping is warm please allow this to cool before moving to step three.

Tip: we recommend that you try to keep the surface you are placing the topper on as flat as possible to avoid air bubbles.

Step three

Slightly moisten the area you want to place your topper onto to allow a good bond. We recommend a dab of honey, golden syrup or edible sugar glue as a bonding agent, however warm water will work fine – but just a little, you don’t want to get the topper wet.

Step four

Wash your hands and dry thoroughly before handling your toppers. Remove your topper/toppers from the packet and using your hands, carefully peel your topper from the sheet. Do not use a knife for this step, toppers should peel easily from the backing sheet in your hands but if they are being stubborn, place the sheet flat into a freezer for 10 seconds, and try again. Repeat freezer process if needed until toppers peel away.

Tip: if your hands are wet, dirty or warm, you need to be very careful not to touch the printed surface as the ink can smudge. We also recommend you work in a cool area as heat and humidity can cause icing to sweat and colours to run

Step five

Carefully place your topper onto your cake/cupcakes by placing one edge of the topper onto the cake and lay the topper across to the opposite side; this will reduce the risk of air bubbles underneath the sheet. If you’ve accidentally placed your topper incorrectly you can carefully move the sheet by holding at opposite sides and picking it up slowly – once the sheet has bonded to the cake however this is not possible without tearing your topper sheet, so you will need to do this straight away.

Step six

Now that your topper is in position on your cake you can serve and enjoy.

Tip: Often bakers like to pipe icing around the edge of their toppers before serving to hide the edges of the sheet for a professional finish.