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Burn Away Cake Toppers

The Hottest Trend, in your Kitchen! 

We've created the Ultimate Burn-Away Cake Topper Pack so you can recreate the Burn-away Cake Trend at home! 

Each pack contains 2 Toppers, the Burn-Away Wafer Topper that will sit on top of your cake and the Surprise Icing Topper that sits on the bottom.

Forget lighting birthday candles, light the centre of your wafer topper and watch as it burns away to reveal the hidden design underneath!

With shapes designed for every cake personality – square, round, landscape, and portrait – our Burn-Away Cake Toppers are here to make your next birthday party unforgettable.

Pick one of our new birthday designs or create your own burn-away pack with our custom option!

Hey Sugar!

Happy Birthday from Harry

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Custom Burn-Away Toppers

Any image and text

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Leo is Typing

Happy Birthday (Don't turn 25!)

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You've Got Mail

Happy Birthday!

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Happy Birthday to You

& your Funny Face!

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Sorry You're Leaving

You Traitor!

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New Era Burn-Away Toppers

Party like Tay-Tay!

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Popper Burn-Away Toppers

Classic Birthday Design

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You're Not Old Yet Burn-Away Topper

But you ARE a Twat!

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Custom Calendar Burn-Away Topper

Upload your own photo!

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Custom Business Burn Away Topper

Upload your Logo!

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We're going to....!

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RIP Burn-Away Toppers

RIP (age) - Hello (age)!

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Candles Burn-Away Toppers

The joke that never gets old

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Happy Birthday Mate!

Here's your birthday insult

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Make a Wish, Birthday Bitch!

Burn that Book!

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Want to see our Burn-Away Toppers in Action?


Follow Our Handy Instructions for a perfect Burn-Away Cake, every time!

Step 1: Gently place your burn-away icing topper on your cooled cake. Make sure there is a thin border of space around your topper!

Step 2: Grab your piping bag and create a thick row of icing over the edge of your topper. This icing will be hidden, so don’t worry about using a fancy icing nozzle!

Step 4: Now, carefully place the wafer topper on top of your piped border. Gently press the edges of your topper into the icing to hold it in place.

Step 5: Time to show off your piping skills. Pipe a decorative row around the edges of the wafer topper. You can even add some sprinkles… Crazy, we know!

Step 6: Instead of lighting birthday candles, simply light your wafer topper in the center by holding a match to the surface for a few seconds.

Bonus Tip: Don't forget to capture the reveal before slicing into it. Show off your burn-away cake topper triumph on social media by tagging us at @cakeshopdotcom!

Safety note

Adult supervision is required at all times. The slow and gentle flames gradually taper off once they reach the icing border so, while the effect might be dramatic, the flames are pretty weak. The danger level, therefore, is equal to that of a candle or a sparkler that is used on the cake. But it does involve fire and that could pose a safety risk if not handled correctly, so caution is advised.